R Markdown

5 minute read

Here are a couple of little tips and tricks that I’ve picked up for use with RMarkdown html documents (including presentations and notebooks). This post is aimed at the R user who doesn’t know much, if anything, about html and css. Background images Sometimes it’s useful (or just nice) to have a background image of some sort in a presentation or notebook. This could be the logo of your university or company, for example.

Robert McDonnell

7 minute read

There are many reasons why you would want to use some variant of Markdown for writing, and indeed, posts are common on the net as to why you should.1 A simple summary of the reasons are that Markdown is: 1) easy; 2) easy; 3) yup, you guessed it – it’s easy. One variant of Markdown is R Markdown, developed by the RStudio team, and in particular the genius that is Yihui Xie, creator of the knitr R package.