Formally Comparing Legislative Institutions - Brazilian Political Science Review, Issue 1, 2017. Available here.

  Explaining the Determinants of Foreign Policy Voting Behaviour in the Brazilian Houses of Legislature, with a Focus on the Senate - My PhD thesis, defended at the University of São Paulo in June 2016. You can download it here

  Measuring the effect of group-based voting in the United Nations General Assembly - with Danilo Freire, working paper.

  The Brazilian Congress and Foreign Policy: delegation & abdication - working paper.

  Informal Districts - working paper.

  The Role of Suplentes in Nominal Voting Patterns in the Brazilian Congress - working paper.

  A Latent Variable Measure of Social Cohesion - with Erika Medina, working paper.

  Dynamic Voting Patterns in the Brazilian Chamber and Senate - with Guilherme Jardim Duarte, working paper.